Why does it hurt to pee after sex. What's up with pain when urinating after sex?.

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Ask Dr. Lisa Post-Sex Burning Medical Course

Why does it hurt to pee after sex

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Why does it hurt to pee after sex

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  1. Some of the most commonly prescribed include: Arguably the most unnerving post-coital peeing problem is the radioactive stream of pee that burns upon exit from your urethra — this is doubly unnerving if you decided not to wear a condom. It could be Urethritis , a condition in which the urethra becomes inflamed and irritated.

  2. Your pain may also be a result of bacterial sexually transmitted infection STI such as chlamydia , trichomonas , and gonorrhea , or a viral STI such as herpes simplex virus.

  3. These imbalances may adversely affect kidney function — one of those symptoms is a burning sensation when you piss.

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